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Welcome to Waste Collection of Canada

Let’s start saving your business some money by recycling more and sending less to landfills!!
Whatever your business waste and recycling needs are… You have definitely come to the right place to get your business a better deal while helping to create a better environment for tomorrow.

Business waste costs have gone up due to an increase in Government taxes and a decrease in commodity market. Please speak to one of our advisers on +1(905) 794-5660 who can save you some money by providing easy and hassle-free pick-ups.

If you are paying too much on your current contract and dealing with constant missed collection issues and also concerned about the amount of waste going to landfills - We can quickly help guide you through a simple process to free yourself from a contract. All you have to do is call us TODAY on +1(905) 794-5660 and have a friendly chat with one of our advisers. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We provide you with a no-obligation quote on a non-contractual basis agreement and can start your services in less than 48 hours. We perform those services for a 30-day trial period and if you are not satisfied with it, we revert it back and no payments will be necessary.

Keep in mind – We only partner with trusted and compliant companies. All waste service providers on our supplier partner portal have been carefully vetted to ensure they provide your business with fully compliant, excellent service and value for money. Our top priority is to ensure pricing is competitive and service levels are not compromised and landfills are used as a last resort.

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