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Some of the other benefits you will enjoy as part of the WCC family

  • Single invoice for multiple locations - No hidden charges or unnecessary fees – the price you see is the price you pay and our accounting team audits all invoices to ensure we provide you with one simple and accurate invoice.
  • Only one price review each year – We don’t change our prices 3 or 4 times a year like other waste companies but we only review them once a year for consistent cost controls.
  • 99.5% service success rates – Our account management team deals with all your missed collections and ensures you receive consistent service all the time.
  • Diversion from Landfills – With 20 years of combined experience, industry knowledge and connections, we maximize recycling and focus towards 90% diversion from landfills.
  • $$ Savings $$$ - This is something we all enjoy to take advantage of and that is an average saving of up to 20% just by switching to our services.
  • Compliance – We strive to only use fully compliant companies and provide fully compliant services to our customers for trouble-free experiences.

At Waste Collection of Canada, we strongly believe in "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" and the "Waste Hierarchy." Our experts will assess your current waste & recycling needs and help you transition to a better deal. We will also aim to minimise your organisation’s impact on the environment.

Contact us now on +1 (647) 715-6007 for a ‘free Health Check’ on your waste and recycling needs! Don’t delay,make a call today,& Enjoy $$$ savings. !