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Waste and Recycling Consulting

Waste Collection of Canada is proud to offer Waste and Recycling consulting on your current waste streams.


Based on your current waste streams, we offer 5 free health checks.

1. Waste Analysis – With 20 years of combined experience, industry knowledge and connections. We look at your waste streams to make sure you have the best solutions in place and you are separating for maximum value.

2. Cost Analysis – Are you really getting the best value for money? With 20 years of combined experience, industry knowledge, and connections, our customers typically enjoy a saving of 10% in the beginning and 20% or more in the longer run.

3. Compliance – We understand how all the complicated waste laws work, so this check makes sure you are operating on the right side of the law.

4. Service – Do you have the right services in place? All too often, we find customers paying for bin capacity not being used, or simply the wrong service type for the wastes. Our team ensures you have the right service type and the correct bin sizes for your waste and recycling needs.

5. Equipment – Balers, compactors, and crushers are all in common use but, when was it last serviced? Is it the right solution? Our equipment checks will provide all the answers.

At Waste Collection of Canada, we strongly believe in "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" and the "Waste Hierarchy." Our experts will assess your current waste & recycling needs and help you transition to a better deal. We will also aim to minimise your organisation’s impact on the environment.

Contact us now on +1 (905) 794-5660 for a ‘free Health Check’ on your waste and recycling needs! Don’t delay,make a call today,& Enjoy $$$ savings. !